Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth 2023, Biography, Age, Hight, Family

Cristiano ronaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth 2023, Biography, Age, Hight, Family – Ronaldo was the biggest football star from the mid-1990s until his retirement in 2011, winning the World Cup, winning the World Footballer of the Year award three times, and winning the Ballon d’Or twice.

The Brazilian striker, dubbed “the most global athlete” by Nike in 1998, has appeared on billboards, TV commercials, and even “The Simpsons.”

That genius propelled him to the heights of his sport, and the wealth he earned in his career meant he could cross over to other areas of the business when he was physically at his peak.

What is Ronaldo’s Net Worth?

Ronaldo’s net worth is believed to be around €300m (approximately 260m/$325m), but the numbers vary and cannot be precisely determined.

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Over the years, most of our revenue has come from football contracts and endorsement deals, but we also make investments. Ronaldo’s net worth is somewhat comparable to that of former Real Madrid teammate David Beckham, who attained superstar status during his playing days and is said to have a net worth of $450 million. . But he falls short of modern icons such as Lionel Messi ($400 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($466 million).

What is Ronaldo’s salary?

Ronaldo is estimated to have earned between $200 million and $250 million (£160 million to £200 million) during his career, which saw him represent Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan. increase.

However, even after retirement, Ronaldo continues to earn income through endorsement deals, which are said to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and various investments.

Before buying Real Valladolid, Ronaldo also held a minority stake in the North American Soccer League (NASL) team Fort Lauderdale Strikers. He was also the co-owner of the racing team He da A1 He da Team Brasil.

Soon after retiring, one of Ronaldo’s first ventures was to set up the sports and entertainment talent agency 9ine, which has attracted many big names including Neymar, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort and Junior dos Santos. Made a UFC fighter a customer.

“I try to be very conservative and have invested very little in my life,” said Ronaldo once in an interview with Valor Economico. But my economic orientation is always to remain conservative.”

“I really don’t have time to watch the stock market all day. But there really aren’t that many.”

What kind of charity does Ronaldo do?

Ronaldo has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors throughout his career, including serving as a “goodwill ambassador” for the United Nations.

The former striker has participated in many football charity matches, including the UN’s “Match Against Poverty”, and has helped fund aid efforts in various countries. Ronaldo’s match in 2014 helped the Philippines recover after Typhoon Haiyan, while the 2015 match focused on helping African countries affected by Ebola.

Ronaldo is the founder and honorary chairman of the Fundacao Fenomenos, which invests in projects that support communities in Brazil, South America, and promotes positive social development in Brazil.

The R9 Ronaldo Academy was launched in 2015 with many chapters established in Brazil, China and the United States. He is also deeply involved in FIFA’s philanthropic activities, including as an ambassador for the world’s governing body of football, the World Cup.

How many followers does Ronaldo have on social media?

By spring 2022, Ronaldo has over 102.9 million followers across his social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

His Instagram page accounts for more than half of that number, and with over 16 million followers on the platform, he certainly appears to be the most active on that particular channel.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s Facebook page has around 75 million subscribers, while his Twitter page has the lowest, just under 90 million. Ronaldo’s social media, like many current and former footballers, is a mix of sponsored posts, tributes and behind-the-scenes candid style updates.

Ronaldo’s social media following compares favorably with contemporary icons such as his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo, who has over 300 million followers, and Lionel Messi, who has over 200 million followers.

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