Top 4 reasons to watch the movie “Call Me By Your Name”

Call me by Your Name

Based on the novel “Call Me by Your Name” published in 2007 by American author André Aciman, the film “Call Me by Your Name” directed by Italian Luca Guadagnino will release on April 27.

The film, based on homosexuality, is set in northern Italy in 1983. Elio (Timothée Chalamet), a 17-year-old boy who spends his summer vacation with his parents in a villa, falls in love with Oliver (Armie Hammer), a 24-year-old college student who His father had invited.

a university professor. Elio, who has studied history and literature since childhood and loves to read music, is attracted to Oliver, a charming man full of confidence and intelligence, and boldly confesses his feelings to him. The love between the two, which sprouted in the 80s when homosexuality was not openly accepted, developed into a sweet and painful development.

The film depicts two young men who suddenly fall completely and sincerely in love with each other. Know the special things about this work.

Timothée Chalamet’s acting skills

Call me by Your Name
Photo: Call me by Your Name

Chalamet was nominated for Best Actor at the 90th Academy Awards for his role as Elio. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the award, but he showcased his acting ability, which makes it hard to believe he’s 22.

Delicately conveying the sweet and sour feelings of 17-year-old Erio falling in love for the first time, he naturally played the role of a bisexual boy who has romantic feelings for both the opposite sex and the same sex.

Originally bilingual in English and French, Chalamet studied Italian to play Elio, who has an Italian mother. In addition, Ario’s hobby is music, so he practiced piano a lot.

Motivational lines

Not only the acting of the actors but also the dialogues make the film interesting. Film director and screenwriter James Ivory wrote the screenplay based on the novel by Andre Aikman. The 89-year-old won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards.

There are parts where the dialogue between characters in the original novel is used, but in some scenes, the dialogue was edited out only for the film, and the direction of the actors included a moment of silence. As Oliver listens to Elio’s vague phrases as he confesses, he mentally examines the meaning of his words. I was fascinated by such scenes.

Another memorable scene is at the end of the film, when Elio’s father (Michael Stuhlbarg) tells his son, who has been depressed after breaking up with Oliver, “It’s okay to have sadness and pain. Don’t suppress that emotion.” feel.” The word “deaf”. I sympathized with him so much that I remembered his lines many times after watching the film.

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Call Me by Your Name, Michael Stuhlbarg, 2017.

Experience the 80s vibe in costume

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Photo: Call me by Your Name

The film is set in 1983 Italy. It was the clothes of the characters that brought out the spirit of the times. The costumes were designed by Giulia Pierresanti. This is her second attempt at designing costumes for the film, after Guadagnino’s Sicily, a knitwear designer for Celine. This time, Pierre Santi has a romantic take on ’80s style.

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Photo: Call me by Your Name

Oliver’s costume particularly conveys the atmosphere of the 80s. Vintage ’80s clothing worn by Oliver, such as an oversized polo shirt with the pony logo, ultra-short khaki shorts that cover half of the thigh, and high-top sneakers with a Converse star mark (of course , show your socks!). I wanted to find it at the store.

Northern Italy is very beautiful.

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The phrase “somewhere in northern Italy” which appeared at the beginning of “Call Me by Your Name“. The film is set in the inland region of Lombardy in northwestern Italy.

Locations used include the medieval streets of Crema, where Elio and Oliver cycle, and beautiful Bergamo, where they traveled until the end of their love lives. From the historic towns of northern Italy to the lush nature that would fit a film. In an interview with travel magazine Amuse, Guadagnino, who loves northern Italy so much that he has a house near Crema, said:

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“Crema has a timeless feel that I love. It’s a typical Italian town, but it’s not exactly what everyone thinks of ‘Italy.’ It’s just Italy. It’s set in Italy. Lots of The Italy in Hollywood movies is not the real Italy, just as a chocolate coin is not a real coin. I didn’t want to do that.

After watching the 132-minute film, I felt like I was on a trip to northern Italy.

“call me by your name”

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