WordleX Price: WDX Price Chart, Market Cap and Latest News

WordleX (WDX) Price Chart

WordleX (WDX), a cryptocurrency similar to the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), has its own up token WDX that has been launched on the TRON blockchain. WDX’s ecosystem is focused on interaction within business. It earns profit from staking and referral bonus. You can buy goods and services from it using the exchange wallet.

The name of this currency is WordleX and its symbol is WDX. Its official website is https://wordlex.online/ and the contract address is TThrzAzRj2Pw4CQjqo1dk2zGyifPhuNHRu.

Currency NameWordleX
Contract AddressTThrzAzRj2Pw4CQjqo1dk2zGyifPhuNHRu
Block Explorerhttps://tronscan.io/#/token20/TThrzAzRj2Pw4CQjqo1dk2zGyifPhuNHRu

WordleX (WDX) Price Chart

In the Wordlex (WDX) chart you can see that currently the price of wordlex is $0.0000030007086 (1 WDX = 0.000003 USD). There is no increase in the price of wordlex in the last 24 hours, it has decreased by 0.13% in the last one week and by 82.38% in one year. You can convert the wordlex price to United States Dollar with the WDX to USD converter tool below.

WDX to USD Converter

Currently wordlex is traded on 1 exchange and that exchange is Hotbit with a current volume of $7. More may be added in future. Its market cap information is not yet available. Two years ago the highest price of wordlex was $0.150169. Its highest volume was in the trading pair USDT ($7).

1 Wordlex = ? USD

1 Wordlex = $0.000003 USD. And in Indian Rupees, 1 Wordlex = Rs.0.00025

What is the highest price for Wordlex?

Two years ago the highest price of Wordlex was $0.150169.

What is the contact address of wordlex?

Wordlex’s contact is TThrzAzRj2Pw4CQjqo1dk2zGyifPhuNHRu.

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