How to Play Wordle Game?

Playing Wordle Game is very easy, you can play the game on wordlex whenever you want, before playing this game, you should know about some of its rules so that the game can be played easily.

wordle today game

Step 1 – If the color of any letter turns gray then it means that the word we are looking for does not contain that letter.

wordlex game

Step 2 – If the color of any letter turns yellow then it means that letter is in that word but at present it is not in its correct place.


Step 3 – If the color of any letter turns green then it means that letter is in that word and is also in its correct place.

wordle today

Step 4 – If all the letters of the same row turn green then the word formed from that letter is the winning word of this game and you are the winner of the game.

What is the wordle game?

Wordle Game is a five letter English word game in which you are given six chances to guess a correct word. If you guess the correct word out of these six chances you will be the winner of the game. In this game a new word has to be guessed each time as its words are changed each time. You can play wordle game unlimited as there is no time limit. You can share it with your friends, partner etc. You can play with anyone and bet among themselves that whoever loses in this game will have to act according to the bet.

This is a web based online game, no need to download and install any app to play it. This game can be played very easily on any device Android, iOS or laptop, all you need to do is to open the home page of the official website of wordlex (

what is the wordle game?

At this time this wordle game is being liked a lot on social media and at present there are about 144 million users of this game who play this game daily. Wordle game is most played in US, UK, CA, AU and India. Wordlex game is being liked so much because to play this game you do not have to allow any thing like storage, camera, mic, location of your mobile, also playing this game strengthens your vocabulary. And your free time also passes.

History of Wordle Game

Wordle game was first created by British software engineer Josh Wardle in the year 2020 at that time. When the effect of covid-19 was all over the world and all cities were under lockdown. Due to which people were imprisoned in their homes and it became very difficult for people to spend their free time. At the same time Josh Wardle created this game to spend free time with his girlfriend Palak Shah and also shared it with some of his friends so that he too can play this game in his spare time. But on seeing this wordle game became viral in the world so fast that this game was liked the most on social media and at present this game has about 144 million users.

What is the wordle game answer today?

If you want to play this wordle game anser today, then you can start with words like Panic, Right, Water, Lives, World etc as no letter is repeated in these words. By which we will get to know about five letters at a time whether any of these letters are in that word or not, the word we have to guess, if we start today’s wordle game with words like fools, beats, then all you have to do is Only four letters will be known. Whoever misses your chance, so start today’s word with the words given above.