Microsoft launches new Bing ChatGPT, use it like this

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As we were thinking. That’s what happened, Microsoft company CEO Satya Nadella has announced to add ChatGPT with search engine Bing and soon users can use it. This information was given by CEO Satya Nadella to the whole world on February 8 via Twitter.

Let us tell you that Microsoft company is launching its search engine Bing in a new avatar with Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT, but now you must be wondering how we can use and experience Microsoft’s ChatGPT. We will tell you this.

You are watching the fight between Microsoft and Google. I think Microsoft is all set to beat Google. Here, as soon as Google told the world about its new chat bot ‘Bard’ based on Language Model for Dialog Application (LaMDA), Microsoft immediately turned the tables, Microsoft started using Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT.

Microsoft has updated its search engine Bing and web browser Edge and introduced it in a new design with ChatGPT. To use which you have to visit

Let us tell you that Microsoft is giving access to its new Bing only to a few selected users. If you also want to get access to the new Bing right now, then for this you will have to first join the ‘Join the waitlist’. If you are lucky, your selection will be accepted and you can use the new Bing and earn rewards at the same time.

The company has claimed that its mobile version will also be launched in the coming weeks. Due to which the user will get the experience of new chatbot with better search results and users can also generate content.

What can Microsoft do with chatGPT? Microsoft has published a glimpse of this on its blog.

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  1. I got on the Bing waiting list and only today got admitted, so I missed the wild phase. Instead, I got something that is as clunky as normal search machines with added impolite answers and abrupt ‘I am ending this exchange’ type comments after less than five innocuous questions. One exchange was where I asked to have a language test created. The first answer said that giving the answers would be cheating. When I said that I wanted to create, not take, a test, it blew me off. When I signed out and then asked again (I might have used slightly different wording), it told me that it could not find any ready-made tests but I could go to the teacher’s manual, the link to which was for a Slovenian page about the book in question but that does not have anything about test for the beginning German book. (Since ChatGPT won’t let me on its platform, I don’t know what that AI software would do, but Bing’s chat left me extremely unimpressed and not scared yet.

    I also tried asking about universities in southern Ethiopa. One of the answers was የዳን ጎ/ ጎ/ ጎ/ / / / / / / / / / / / . Amharic does not have / as a syllable. I have no idea what dan go go go is supposed to mean — and certainly not a whole buch of slashes.

    The whole set-up is sloppy. First, the data-entry / search bar is way at the bottom of the page, far from where the user is interacting at first. Second, that bar has a broom icon, as if to indicate that something is going to be swept away. Third, when, after about three or four inputs, it abruptly terminates the exchange, it suggests that one click on a non-existent button.

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