Ok Goolge Lumos maxima, Flashlight On / Off, Google Assistant Shortcuts

Ok Google lumos

Ok Google lumos is a command from Google Assistant with the help of which you can turn on the flashlight and if you want to turn off the flashlight, then say “ok Google lumos maximus” to Google Assistant. Due to which Google Assistant will turn off the flashlight of your mobile.

Similarly, there are many shortcut command features of Google Assistant, which helps in your daily routine tasks like – you can get weather information, play music, turn on and off flashlight, Get traffic updates, send and receive messages, play podcasts, etc.

In this article, we will cover many such features of Google Assistant, which will make the tasks in your daily routine easier. So let’s start.

Ok Google lumos

Ok google lumos is a command of google assistant with the help of which you can turn flashlight on and off. Lumos command works with both Siri and Google Assistant

Ok Google lumos
  • If you say “OK Google lumos maxima” to Google Assistant, Google Assistant will turn on your flashlight.
  • If you say “lumos maximus” your flashlight will go off.

For Android Device

  • To turn on the flashlight on your Android device, say “flashlight on” or “ok google lumos“, your flashlight will turn on.
  • Then saying “nox lomos” your Android device’s flashlight will be turned off.

OK Google today weather

Okay Google today weather is a feature of Google Assistant with the help of which you can get weather information like – today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather, 1 week’s weather, how will the coming week’s weather be And so on.

ok google lumos - WordleX

There are many commands of Google Assistant to get weather information, the list of which is given below.

  1. OK Google today weather
  2. Aaj ka Mausam kaisa hai
  3. Tomorrow weather
  4. What about weekend weather
  5. What about today weather
  6. Kal ka Mausam kaisa rahega

OK Google where is my daridram

OK Google where is my daridram, There is no command of Google Assistant, but it is a funny question, which Google Assistant also answers in some funny way, which will make you laugh.

OK Google set new alarm

Set new alarm is a command of Google Assistant with the help of which you can set alarm in your Android device like – If you want to set alarm at 7:00 am, then tell Google Assistant “OK Google set alarm at 7:00 a.m. ” Your alarm will be set.

hey google - WordleX

See more examples

  • OK Google set me alarm
  • Open alarm
  • Se alarm at 8:26 a.m.
  • Set new alarm at 9:26 p.m.
  • okay Google all alarm off

Google Assistant commands to assist with daily routine

There are many such commands of Google Assistant, some of these commands are given here which can help you in your everyday tasks.

I hope you have liked this article Ok Goolge Lumos very much and you people must have come to know about the command of Google Assistant and you must have learned how to use Google Assistant.

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