What is Wordle game? How to play this wordle game online and solve the puzzle?

play wordle game

Today Wordle Answer: Here are some hints, clues and solutions for the December Wordle game. If you are a wordle game lover like me, then stay with this article because in this article you will get all your questions related to wordle. Doubt will be cleared.

If you are new and knowing about this game for the first time, then let’s first know about this game, who made this game?, Who is the real owner of this game at this time? Why is it more viral?, what is the reason people like this game so much?

What is Wordle Game ?

Wordle game is a five letter first word game in which the player has to find a five letter word in six chances. This is a web based word game and it can be played very easily on a normal browser and that’s why From children to elders everyone likes this game very much.

Let us tell you that in the year 2022, according to Google, the keyword “wordle game” has been searched the most, so now you can imagine how popular this game is in the world.

This game is so popular among the people because we do not have to install any kind of app to play this game and in a way, playing this game refreshes our mind and gives us new ideas. We get to learn words and our time also passes.

Wordle Game short Details

Original AutherJosh Wardle
DeveloperJosh Wardle
Initial release date16 May 2018
GenrePuzzle video game
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
PublisherThe News York Times Company

Wordle Game History

According to HTL Research, this game was created at a time when COVID-19 was in its early stages in 2018 and all countries were under lockdown and no one was allowed to move out of the house. Josh Wordley, a British software engineer at the time, developed the web-based word game Wordle to spend time with his wife. And also shared this game with some of your friends to pass the time.

In the same way, the process of sharing among friends increased and on seeing it, it became viral in the whole world in 2022 and today more than 85 million players of this game like this game.

Note – Now this viral web-based word game Wordle is owned by The New York Times Company because at the end of January 2022, The New York Times Company acquired Wordle Game from Wordle.

How to play wordle game online ?

Wordle game is a word puzzle game with five letters and in this we have to find a word in six chances which is already defined in the game and in every game this word keeps on changing. Hints and clues are given which are mentioned below.

Wordlex game 652x1024 1 - WordleX
Source: WordleX Game
  • If the color of a letter turns gray, it means that this letter is not available in the word we are looking for.
  • If the color of a letter turns yellow, it means that the letter is available in the word we are looking for, but at the moment it is not in its right place.
  • If the color of a letter turns green, it means that this letter is available in the word we want to find and is also at its right place.

So this was the complete information about wordle game if you want to get hint clue and solution of daily puzzle of wordle game then search on google (wordlex org) and open the first website.

If you want to play this game about one time in a day then you can play on nytimes wordle but if you want to play the game unlimited you can go to the official website of WordleX by clicking on the above button.

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