Wordle #565 Answer Today: Here’s a hint and solution for the 5th January puzzle.

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Wordle #565 Answer Today: Here are the hints, clues, solution, and answer for Word Puzzle #565 of January 5, 2023. If you also enjoy your tea with this wordle game then this page is going to be very exciting for you. Because there is a word hidden in this article which can make your sip of tea even more fun.

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Wordle #565 Today Solution

While solving Wordle #565, first start with such word. In which there is maximum vowel and no letter is repeated like – IMAGE, ABOUT, ABOVE etc. This will give us the advantage that we will get to know about three out of five vowels in one chance.

After this, we have to enter such a word in the next chance, which includes our remaining two vowels. With this, we will get to know about the vowels of the five in just two chances, which vowels are included in the word for which we have to search.

Now in the next chance, we have to enter such a word which includes the vowels which we found in the first two chances. With the help of these vowels, it becomes very easy to find that word. You can use these vowels to find that word in the remaining 4 chances and win your game.

Wordle #565 Today Hint

With the help of the hint of wordle #565 given below, you can make your taste of dull tea more sweet.

  • Today’s word has 2 vowels and 3 consonants.
  • Today’s words begin and end with consonants.
  • Today’s answer refers to smooth.
  • One letter is repeated twice in today’s answer.

Wordle #564 Answer Today

The answer to wordle #565 contains 2 vowels and 3 consonants and there is a vowel in the middle of the word. In today’s answer a word is repeated twice. While solving this puzzle we got the answer on 5/6 marks. Today’s word is related to smooth. wordle 565’s answer is SLEEK

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